Tuesday, 23 February 2016

What is Blog Commenting

By Beth McClure
Blog Commenting For SEO
Blog commenting is an essential procedure for interaction between blogs, bloggers and blog readers. It is an action wherein visitors or blog readers leave a comment to a blog post or article, reply to readers’ comments, or the author himself answers or replies to visitors questions and comments. Blog commenting is a good way to exchange thoughts and opinions about certain topic written as a blog post.

Why Do Blog Commenting

You probably realized why blog commenting is essential to blogs. The communication and exchange of thoughts and ideas between the blog post, bloggers and visitors is already an effective way of knowledge sharing. There are other benefits to both blog owners and blog readers.
Bloggers, blog site owners and the blog post itself benefits from blog commenting.

  • Blog comments will keep the blog post updated – search engine loves updated contents. Regularly updated contents have a better chance of getting higher rank on search engine results – thus it is good for SEO.
  • The blog post increases its value and importance because of user-contributed contents (their comments), considering that your visitors left sensible and relevant comments which will add to your existing contents.

Blog commenting people benefits in leaving comments on blog posts.

Obviously, both bloggers and web site owners may also become commenting on other blogs.

Web site owners and bloggers can increase the inbound links to their site through blog commenting. As you might have noticed, the blog commenting systems of blogging platform such as WordPress (which we also use to power this blog) have the Name, Email and URL fields. By including your website’s URL on the URL field, you’re leaving a link back to your website. Blog commenting is actually a very effective way to get backlinks and an essential ingredient for search engine optimization. For SEO purposes, we made lists of blog commenting sites together with dofollow blogs list.

Blog commenting ones can ask questions and answers through comments and replies from the author, or from other readers who may share related information.

Blog Commenting System

Since the web is an information gateway, blog commenting is a good channel for exchanging information across the web. In SEO perspective, it is one of the most effective ways to increase backlinks and traffic to your website.

Modern website and blogging platforms that are used as the backbone in building blogs and web sites such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and similar content management system has blog commenting system that allows visitors to leave a comment on a blog. Blog commenting became an essential feature of Web 2.0 web sites which involved web site visitors to interact with other visitors, the author, or the web site itself. Without any doubt, we can say that this is a good piece of link building method.

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