Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How to Get Backlinks to Your Blog

By Beth McClure
how to get backlinks free
The internet is continuously evolving, and one thing that changed was how search engines rank websites the way it used to be.  All you have to do to get good ranking for your keywords was to use them on Meta tags on your site. Meta tags, however, have gradually become less significant because they showed results that were not relevant to searched keywords. Search engines don’t pay that much attention to these tags anymore. To endure online competition today, you have to know what search engines want, as they have improved in enforcing their guidelines and algorithm. 

Getting relevant backlinks to your site should be one of your main considerations if you aim to rank well on search engines results page. While Google and other major search engines consider fairly a few elements when ranking a website, an important requirement is to get quantity and quality of the links pointing to it. Though this can be achieved through online outsourcing for this job, it is advisable to learn the basic knowledge of building backlinks for SEO. If you are trying to attain better position on search engines with your targeted keywords then get backlinks to your website the right way which we will be discussed below.

Get Backlinks from Relevant Niche

Keep this in mind, relevance is paramount when it comes to powerful backlinks. Have you ever visited a site that has links for other websites that are not related to the page’s content, theme or topic in any way? As you know, it’s important for search engines to only return relevant results. The results given by the search engines are relevant, which is why you get more weight and important if you get links from other sites that are similar to yours. The thing to ask yourself is how much work you want to do because relevant links can do more for you than non-relevant. The best strategy is to always get backlinks that are relevant to your niche, and manually build backlinks to look natural to search engines.

Get Backlinks from Hosted Contents

One popular method that has been around for a few years uses the Squidoo Lens which is just a third party platform for hosting content. You will still easily find marketers putting content onto their lenses, and then they will get a quality backlink from it. What you need to do is find keyword phrase that you want to use, and then you build a lens in less than an hour. What’s nice about Squidoo lens is that you can place backlinks on them using your targeted anchor text to further boost your link building scheme.

Submit to Niche Directories

Submitting your site to web directories is a method that might sound monotonous to you, but this method can easily get you large amount of quality backlinks. It does require some time and rigorous effort, but it’s worth it. How do you find them? Use search engines to find niche directories relevant to your targeted keywords.

More Backlink Sources

Getting quality backlinks from relevant websites are the key to rank better. More methods such as guest bloggingforum postingblog commenting, social bookmarking, directory listing, WEB 2.0 are practical and widely known methods to get backlinks to your site.

Getting backlinks takes some consistent work, but it’s worth it for the long term results you will get. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. If you do it consistently, you will eventually get the kind of traffic you want. It’s also an expert advice and more preferred to hire someone to build backlinks for your website.


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