Thursday, 30 March 2017

How Effective is Directory Submission for SEO?

By Beth McClure

Directory Submission is one of the finest strategies for your site to get popular on the World Wide Web. It is the fundamental step taken by marketers to improve the link popularity of a site. This easy to do method helps in gaining quality one-way incoming back links, which will play a crucial role in search engine optimization procedures. The quality of the incoming links greatly enhances search engine rankings and internet visibility of the website. In other words, Directory Submission refers to the process of adding your site to a web directory. The whole procedure involves submitting your site URL along with other details of the website to the most appropriate category/subcategory.

directory submission in SEOThe charges for performing directory submission for a website URL mainly depends on the number of directories it uses. When you submit links to directories it acts as the directions for the search engines. The more the frequency of links in website, the more will be internet visibility and rankings. As the ranking of your site increases, search engines visit your page more frequently considering it the most important, appropriate and relevant website.

Importance of Directory Submission

Directory submission plays an essential role in promoting new ventures as the websites gain global recognition on the internet through this technique. With this useful technique, you not only gain volume traffic but also targeted traffic which helps website to be at the top and get popular in the search engines. Therefore, visitors having an interest in a website will visit it through the links in the directory which engage more visitors by pulling their attention.

Types of Directory Submission

Basically, there are three major types of directory submission which are:

Basic Directory Submission

This kind of directory submission enables you to use single URL, multiple titles and single description to be submitted to different directories. This is ideal if you target for specific keywords.

Normal Directory Submission

The normal form of directory submission allows you to use multiple descriptions along with single URL and multiple titles. This is useful if you want to naturalize the backlinks generated.

Multiple URL Directory Submission

It allows the users to use up to 10 internal URLs within the same website along with multiple descriptions and multiple titles. This is highly suitable for spreading backlinks to different pages of the same website.

What is the Use of Directory Submission in SEO?

·         Directory submissions give you one-way links
·         Get quality and safe backlinks:
·         Directory submissions send you targeted traffic
·         Directory submissions are mostly free
·         Helps in permanent listing in others website
·         Directory submissions allow the anchor text of your choice
·         Guarantees in effective search engine indexing

How to do Directory Submission for SEO?

Step: 1 Pre-submission work.

  • Create a notepad file and save the following there.
  • Blog URL, Title, Meta Contents
  • Blog’s RSS feed URL,
  • Social profile links.
  • And a brief description of the website (most of the directories need this.)
how to do directory submission

Step: 2 Find lists of blog directories.
Step: 3 Choose the blog directories based on domain authority, no. of indexed pages in Google etc.
Step: 4 Choose a relevant category for your submission.
Step: 5 Dig deeper to choose an accurate sub-category.
Step: 6 After selecting category click on submit your site, add links, submit link …
Step: 7 Fill on the details from the notepad file
Step: 8 Submit.

Certain tips to do it safely

  • Do not submit your website to the wrong category.
    • Always prefer to add in a sub category.
  • Do not spam a directory (multiple submissions). Always keep track of the submitted directories to avoid multiple submissions.
  • Do not provide wrong physical address or blog stats.
  • Do not prefer submitting to a site that requires a reciprocal link back or banners on your site. Having badges and link backs to the directories may harm website’s SEO score. So stay safe.
Make sure that you have a long term plan that you execute every month to improve your search engine rankings. Try submitting your website to at least 100–200 directories every month depending on how competitive your niche is.


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