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The Best Search Engine List 2017

By Beth McClure
The Best Search Engine ListSearch Engines is a web based computer program that find pdf documents, Images, Videos and HTML pages for specified keyword and returns the high quality results of any webpage containing those keywords and here you will see the best search engine list of 2016. Search engines crawled and indexed the billions of pages and show the results depending upon their importance. World most popular safe search engine is Google end of 2016 62+ billion pages indexed by Google. Top 5 safe search engines is Google, Bing, Yahoo,, AOL.

The Best Search Engine List

  1.   Alexa rank = 1 | Quantcast US rank = 1 | Compete US rank = 1
    Google was developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in september 1998. 68.47% search market control by google inc. Company provide thousand of products and services like emailGoogle+Google Search, Google Drive, Chrome, Youtube, Blogger, Android. Pagerank and link building is most popular algorithm provided by Google. The company reported 96% revenue was derived from its advertising programs. Using Google you can search images, videos, news, maps. Over 1+ billion world wide unique visitors use this website and over 55,976 employees work in this company. In 2005 google develop a desktop and mobile mapping service. It offering street maps, satellite imagery. Company CEO = Sundar Pichai. Company revenue US $68.83 billion in 2015. Net Income US $16.888 billion. Company total equity = $108.31 billion. Total employees = 59,976 (Q3 2015).
  2.   Alexa rank = 22 | Compete US rank = 4
    Bing developed by microsoft in june 2009. Bing offering three column display format first column for traditional search results, second column shows structured data and in third column data shows provides from twitter and facebook. Bing offer some additional features such as interface, media, local info, integration with hotmail, integration with facebook, integration with apple, integration with window8. Bing entertainment service allow visitors to View Movies,   Tv shows,   Music  and   Games. Bing finance and local services provide complete information about stock market and local business details and reviews. The images and videos search algorithm enable users to quickly search most relevant photographs and videos. Bing e-commerce market features enable users to find hotels, flight tickets and online products. 54.6 million UA unique visitors use this website.
  1.   Alexa rank = 4 | Quantcast US rank = 6 | Compete US rank = 2
    Yahoo is a web-portal secure search engine developed by David Filo and Jerry Yang in 1994. According to comscore 196 million US visitors use yahoo. Yahoo provides Sports information, news,   Music,   Videos, finance, messenger, mail, maps. Yahoo offer communication services like messenger and mail, yahoo mail service offer 10Gb storage. the company offer some social networking services like flickr, yahoo buzz, yahoo personals. End of 2010 yahoo offers mobile services like mobile blogging and messaging. Yahoo support the e-commerce market and small businesses. Company CEO Marissa Mayer and chairman Maynard webb. Company revenue = US $1.69 billion | Total assets = US $16.80 billion | Total employees = 14,223.
  2. Alexa rank = 2,419 | Quantcast US rank = NA | Compete US rank = NA russian based most popular safe search engine developed by Arkady Vlozh and Llya Segalovich. Yandex as the 4th most popular search engine. According comscore 56 million users from all over the world use Yandex. Company revenue = $39.4 billion | Operating income = $13.3 billion | Net income = $13.6 billion | Total assets = $34 billion | Total equity = $28.89 billion | Total employees = 5,236.
  3. Alexa rank = 5 | Quantcast US rank = 2,442 | Compete US rank = 1,302
    Baidu is a most popular chinese search engine founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu in january 2000. This search engine indexed over 81 million images, 12 million audio and video files, 750 million webpages. It is 5th popular search engine in the world and No 1 in the China. Baidu company provide several services such as - baidu cloud is most powerful cloud based service it offer 3 TB free online storage. Baidu post bar is another online community where users can share knowledge and ideas. Baidu image and video search services offer millions of multimedia files. Baidu offer social networking service users can post images, blogs, videos through this service.
  4.   Alexa rank = 27 | Quantcast US rank = 28 | Compete US rank = 21
    The Ask was founded by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener in 1995. Ask is a most popular question answering search engine, later it add image and video search facility. Ask browser toolbar can appear as extra bar added to the any type of browser window. According quantcast 33 million US users use this site.
  5. Alexa rank = 123| Quantcast US rank = 30| Compete US rank = 20
    AOL is a mass media corporation founded by Steve Case, Marc Seriff, Jim Kimsey. This company invest in many websites. AOL major acquisitions Techcrunch, Engadget, MapQuest, The Huffington post. AOL search facility powered by google inc. AOl also offer News, Lifestyle, Sports, Finance, Entertainment services. Company revenue = $2.19 billion | Net Income = $1.059 billion | Total assets = $2.799 billion | Total employees = 5,987.
  6. DuckDuckgo  Alexa rank = 643 | Quantcast US rank = 3,432 | Compete US rank = 2,322
    DuckDuckGo was founded by Gabriel Weinberg in september 2008. This search engine uses data from Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, Yendex. This search engines puts privacy first and does't log user information and does not store IP addresses.
  7. Alexa rank = 645| Quantcast US rank = 232 | Compete US rank = NA is a search engine powered by Google, it provide quick link for most popular websites in the world. According quantcast 5.5 million US unique visitors use this search engine. was developed by AOL company. This engine search images based on high quality pixel and its width, height and formats.
  8. Webcrawler Alexa rank = 1,221 | Quantcast US rank = 2,432 | Compete US rank = 289
    Webcrawler was founded by Brian Pinkerton in april 1994. It was first fully indexed secure meta search engine, that fetched the good results from Yahoo! inc, Google, Bing search,, and some other search engines. Webcrawler offering all type of results like multimedia (including videos, images, local business information and news). Webcrawler show advertising results at the top and bottom of the page, and all organic results showing in middle of the page.
  9. Alexa rank = 2,123 | Quantcast US rank = 609 | Compete US rank = 321
    Info is a metasearch engine and fetched results from Google, Open Directory, Yahoo and Bing, Ask. provide some plugins for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. Using it users can easily access millions of images, videos, employment opportunities. online comparison shopping service enables users to compare products, prices and buy products.
  10. Alexa rank = 2,675 | Quantcast US rank = NA | Compete US rank = NA
    Infospace is another search engine. 60 million unique visitors use this website.
  11. Alexa rank = 5432 | Quantcast US rank = 167 | Compete US rank= 487
    Blekko was founded by Rich Skrenta in 2007. 5 million US visitors use this site it offer downable browser search toolbar. Blekko use the dynamic inference graph algorithm and slashtag filters.
  12. Contenko Alexa rank = 5,129 | Quantcast US rank = 5,765 | Compete US rank = NA
  13. Dogpile Alexa rank = 3,243 | Quantcast USA rank = 1,421 | Compete US rank = 2,453
  14. Alhea Alexa rank = 13,412 | Quantcast US rank = 2,212 | Compete US rank = 3,432
  15. Soso Alexa rank = 40 | Quantcast US rank = NA | Compete US rank = NA
  16. Excite Alexa rank = 7,453 | Quantcast US rank = NA | Compete US rank = NA
  17. Lycos Alexa rank = 4,341 | Quantcast US rank = NA | Compete US rank = NA
  18. Gigablast Alexa rank = 13,543 | Quantcast US rank = NA | Compete US rank = NA

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