Thursday, 28 January 2016

Use Q&A Sites For SEO

By Beth McClure
Q&A method for SEO
    Q&A sites are filled with people who have a problem, and need helping solving it. That gives you the chance to offer them VALUABLE content the right way. It’s not about promoting your products and services. It’s about helping your audience, which is the basis of inbound marketing.
    Here is how answering questions can help you:
    • Improves search traffic for long tail keywords/phrases
    • Builds your authority
    • Gives you a steady stream of content for your blog, which is awesome for SEO
    • Starts a relationship with potential customers who find answers on your site
Browse Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, and Forums to find questions your audience is asking
Create a blog post that answers the question. Avoid technical jargon your audience won’t understand, and go in depth with your answers to capture more long tail search traffic. Make a video or infographic that answers the question (optional). Promote the article on Q&A sites, forums, and social media.


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