Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top 5 undiscussed link building methods

By Beth McClure
effective link building methods
Link building is the process of getting genuine back links as an SEO process and all SEO analysts wants to do it but only few of them acts perfect and they get high quality back-links which gives some value to their sites. Here you will find excellent link building methods that can be used for effective search engine optimization. When Internet people start creating back-links for their websites, then sometimes they get into trouble that which back-link is good or which is bad for their sites ranking. You can clear this doubt by checking page rank, PA and DA of the domain and web page also on which you are putting your link.

Learn about the not discussed way of effective link building methods.

1 – Use website valuation sites 

It is the easiest and simple method to get quality back-links. Using these kind of sites you can get a good quality back links from the sites you have put your valuation. I had the same experience when I checked my blog valuation in 20 to 30 seconds, I got many online visitors of those sites and I got high PR back links easily. Example – yourwebsitevalue.com (PR – 3)  

2 – Free Screenshot taking Websites 

These kind of sites provide free service of taking screenshots of your webpages and by doing this you can get 1 free backlink from each site by spending your 15 seconds only and i also follow this easiest way of doing link building for my blogs. Example – capturefullpage.com (PR – 3)  

3 – Profile links from Web 2.0 sites 

Now it’s time to put your website home page url in the profile section of the high authority web 2.0 sites and whenever your those links will indexed you will see the magic of getting higher ranking in very short time period and this is my most favorite way of increasing PR and authority of websites and you can find some of the great examples below. Dailymotion.com (PR – 8) Vimeo.com (PR – 8) Crunchbase.com (PR – 6) Goodreads.com (PR – 8) Academia.edu (PR – 8) 

4 – Website Load time checking sites 

It is my very common habit that i always check web page speed and loading time of my websites and by doing this task i knew that i am getting some high pr links also and i amazed with this practical and now i would like to suggest all of you to apply same technique for good ranking goal. Example of these sites – Loadimpact.com (PR – 6)  

5 – Guest posting opportunity from fiverr gigs 

I have seen on the net that lot of bloggers always recommend the avoiding of the gig services but all the time it’s not right and i will say that lot of times i have seen the some very useful gigs in which bloggers are offering guest post on their own high pr blogs with 1 backlinks. I love these type of gigs because by spending 5 dollars only you get unique content guest post on some high pr blogs.


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