Tuesday, 17 March 2015

SEO Resources and Tools

By Beth McClure

free google seo tools

SEO Resources

Check on the history of any website, from day one.

Create Sitemap and follow the instructions.

Essential quality keyword research tool.

Guard against both plagiarism and duplicate content issues.

One of the best link management software.

Simply the best text editor out there, essential tool.

One of the world's leading SEO agencies high quality blog.

Danny Sullivan's SEO and marketing news site, covers most conferences.

The official Google Search blog, useful but not updated as often as it should be.

A really useful tool for testing a website's performance.

Google's best practice guide for optimizing web page performance and speed.

Good blog from Bing that's updated often with marketing and search tips.

Handy tool that analyzes a page to find broken links and much more.

Add and manage your websites to ensure they rank well within Bing.

Great in depth guide.

Distinguished engineer who is currently the head of Google’s Webspam team.

Get keyword ideas with Übersuggest, a free keyword suggestion tool.

A business guide to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), not just SEO.

Do you need an SEO? Lists useful questions to ask an SEO.

Enterprise SEO Product Suite, ideal if you are working in corporate.

Best crawling software package I've used, it's so much more than a spider.

Follow these guidelines for success, read them and spend them carefully.

A must-have from Google, but best of all, it's completely free!

A more advanced guide to SEO from the expertly self-promoted Neil Patel.

A thorough beginners guide to SEO from the well respected folks at Moz.com.

A solid tutorial on how to use Googles pay-per-click option.

WordTracker allows you to find every keyword combination imaginable that relates to any kind of business.

A free service that searches Google daily and updates you when new results appear! A great resource!

A great tool for measuring the density or frequency of keywords in the body of your web pages.

A clever tool for figuring your site's PageRank.

A web marketing company offering some cool free tools.


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